In short

+ 10 years character animation experience.

+ 5 years experience videography and filmmaking.

+ Fast Production time for animation, video and photo.
+ Cinematography and directing insight.

+ Can lead a team. (animation, film crew or other)

+ Enthousiastic and positive energy.

+ Can do attitude.
+ Team morale booster. 

+ Goal orientated.


Blender, Maya, Max, C4D, Affter Effects
Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator

Areas of Expertise

My specialty is communicating emotion with a purpose in mind. With character animation, this translates to being able to quickly create believable animation, that serves the intended purpose.
My innate style is a cartoony one. That being said, I believe that a good animator can animate anything in any style. I believe I can animate anything in any style.
With cinematography, communicating emotion with purpose translates to, clearly
defining the goal of the piece and who will see it.

Career Interest Areas

Nowadays, I have fallen completely in love with cinematography and storytelling.

After numerous research projects, I have found a clear pattern. A clear and indisputable truth to all visual media. That truth is "CONTENT IS KING." I have found that a piece of content that brings true value will be watched, loved and shared even if the technical aspects of the video are subpar or even just bad.  

When a piece is technically perfectly produced, but the content does not meet the standards, no one will watch it, and it will fall flat on its face. Even more so in some cases, technically perfectly executed content has a revered effect of what was intended.

These fascinating findings have turned my interests from Pixar quality animation

(outer layer of a piece) to Disney quality storytelling (the inner core of a piece). Good story/content principles are very much interchangeable with animation principles like timing, spacing, contrast and weight. If you're interested to know my opinion on your company's content or would like a strategy session, you can find the contact details on the site.  

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